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Brian E. Wagner, E.I.T.

Dam Breach Analysis

My feature article, Simplifying the Dam Breach Analysis" is now available in the March/April, 2016 edition of Stormwater, the magazine!

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Engineering Downloads

Download a variety of Civil Engineering related items including stage storage and dam breach calculations Excel sheets.

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Any who knows me knows I am a interested in and dabble, for lack of better terms, in a variety of skill areas.  In my spare time, over the past few years, I have worked on projects from website design and social media management to software development.  I am a full time associate (part owner) at a civil engineering firm where I do anything from site design and grading to storm drain and stormwater management design and everything in between including leading their CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software management and training.  In addition to the design work, I am excited to have an article in the current March/April, 2016 edition of Stormwater Magazine. While most of my skills relate to tech type things I have am also a retired K9 handler for a Search and Rescue organization where I trained and worked my dog to assist law enforcement agencies to find missing people in and around the mid-atlantic states of the USA.

Dabldo is my little place in the world to share my knowledge, experiences, and opinions.  I encourage you to subscribe to my Podcast launching in May and keep up with me on social media at the links above.

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May 15, 2016: Infrastructure Week 2016 Infrastructure week is one week a year where the engineering community unites to discuss and bring to the forefront the need for a commitment to  the public facilities that connect us, support us, and ultimately make the life styles each of us know possible.  #infrastructurematters […]

May 2, 2016: Why I am Podcasting, Dabldo Talk Beginning on May 23rd you will be able to listen to various civil engineering, business and leadership topics on my, Dabldo Talk Podcast.  I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for me to share my diverse knowledge with you! […]

Free Engineering Downloads

NWS Simplified Dam Break Equation Worksheet

Use this Excel file to simplify your National Weather Service (NWS) simplified dam break equation calculations. This spreadsheet uses the NWS equation based on the NWS Simplified Dam-Break Flood Forecasting Model by Wetmore & Fread. It also includes the Breach Predictor Equations developed by MacDonald, Langridge-Monopolis, & Froelich. Portions of the the worksheet are also based on work by Bruce Harrington, Anthony Meyers, and Martin Covington.

Culvert Embedment during Dam Failure


I have developed this chart to estimate the depth a culvert may embed, subsequently clogging and reduction of it’s efficiency.  Considering reasonable worst-case scenario conditions throughout the analysis provides the engineer with a level of confidence that the expectations within the report would stand up in a court of law should a dam fail and the engineer be held responsible for not anticipating the level of danger associated with a dam.

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