Using Check-ins as a Superior Project Management Hack

use weekly emails check-ins to supercharge client relations

As an engineer, you are tasked with a lot of challenging things. It could be a design or a presentation, but one of the most challenging tasks I have encountered as an engineer is dealing with people while serving in a project management role! Working with and cooperating with co-workers is one thing—you or your company controls who works for you. What no one truly controls is who you work for! Of course, you can choose to not bid on a project or decline the opportunity to join a team, but if you are not willing to work for clients you will not get far in this industry.

When you are hired by a client you open the door to serving their needs. You provide your expertise and knowledge to assist them through a process and ultimately deliver to them a product that they can then use. Being able to do this is one thing, but being able to work with the personality of the client may be another thing. Let’s walk through one of the best things I ever do as a project manager and where I have had a great deal of success, in part, because of this simple task.

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