Bringing civil engineers' projects to life with personalized dioramas tailored to their expertise.

Step into a world where passion meets precision! Imagine your office space transformed into a miniature marvel, where every detail tells a story of your impact on the world and dedication to the profession.

With over two decades of expertise in civil engineering and construction, I’m thrilled to merge my lifelong love for model train gardens into bespoke dioramas that are truly unparalleled.

Picture this: a meticulously crafted scale model adorning your office lobby, captivating visitors and sparking conversations. Elevate your conference room ambiance or steal the spotlight at trade shows with these captivating displays.

Finished with Case - Dabldo Diorama 2024
Finished with football size comparison - Dabldo Diorama 2024

But it doesn’t stop there! These miniature masterpieces aren’t just decorations; they’re thoughtful gestures for retirements or promotional milestones, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Let’s turn your projects into miniature reality. Together, we’ll create a custom model diorama that embodies your unique story and captivates your audience. Ready to embark on this journey of creativity and excellence?

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Finished diorama from behind excavator - Dabldo Diorama 2024

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Van Sea Crate and Caterpillar 966M - Dabldo Diorama 2024
Stream Restoration Diorama - Dabldo Diorama 2024
CAT 966M weathered on diorama - Dabldo Diorama 2024

A Quick Introduction to Brian Wagner, P.E.

Brian Wagner, P.E.

As a licensed Professional Engineer, I have specialized in civil site design with extensive experience in land development design and construction.  My experience includes a progression from drafter to project engineer and manager through the responsibilities of a business owner.  

I have worked for small businesses, large corporate engineering firms, and a few stints in the public sector, including the federal government.  My diverse experience in these different scenarios prepared me to create unique dioramas like you have never seen before.

Honored to have received the Top Civil Engineering Voice on LinkedIn

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