Imagine an exquisitely crafted diorama designed to showcase your premier projects in a distinctive and unforgettable manner.

From office lobbies to conference rooms and trade show displays, these scale models promise to captivate and inspire. But beyond the mere decor, they symbolize moments of celebration and accomplishment.

Let’s bring your best projects to life – in miniature, where every custom diorama tells a unique story and leaves a lasting impression. We need to craft something extraordinary together!

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas...

Tabletop Displays

A tabletop display is a great way to share the types of work your firm does in a less permanent or intrusive way.  Whether placed on a lobby or conference table, the diorama, complete with an acrylic dust cover, can easily be moved out of the way when necessary.

Note: The dimensions shown here are flexible though if the display gets too big, you might want to consider a platform display.

Concept Diorama Schematic - Tabletop
Concept Diorama Schematic - Tabletop

Wall Mounted Display

A wall-mounted display showcases your projects in a truly unique way.  Bring the project profile on your website to life with a 3-dimensional model combined with a printed backdrop that can expand the horizon and include details about the project such as images or a written summary.

Concept Diorama Schematic - Wall Mounted
Let's talk scale!

I have found 1:87 scale a great way to showcase civil engineering projects.  The scale is small enough to provide adequate space on the scaled version to show a greater extent of the project with highly detailed accessories like construction vehicles and people.  On this scale, a 6′ tall person is roughly 0.8″ tall.

1:50 scale is a common scale for vehicle models where the vehicle is the centerpiece.  On a 1:50 scale display, a 6′ tall person is roughly 1.5″ tall.  While this scale increases the amount of detail that can be added to the diorama, it significantly reduces the amount of space the model represents.

In the examples above, a 12″ x 36″ 1:87 scale platform encompasses a scale area of about 0.5 acres (22,700 sf) while the same size 1:50 scale diorama has a scale area of about 0.2 acres (7,500 sf).

Platform Displays

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Concept Diorama Schematic - Platform
Concept Diorama Schematic - Corner Platform
Combine multiple projects together!

On the smaller displays, keeping the project to one project or skill may be appropriate but it doesn’t need to be that way all the time.  We can combine similar projects or transition across several skill sets.  The sky is the limit.  In this tabletop diorama, we included a stream restoration project, a stormwater sand filter basin, and a reforestation planting area.  Along with a few other details like erosion and sediment control measures.  

Lobby/Office Table

Create a conversation piece in your lobby or executive office that showcases one or more projects or engineering capabilities.  These tables are excellent ways to provide memorable conversations with your prospective clients or new hires.  

A properly placed table can create an excellent ‘water cooler’ talking point for all of your visitors.

Concept Diorama Schematic - Coffee Table

Conference Room Table

This would be a pinnacle project, designed to highlight all of your company’s capabilities combined with aspects of your best projects.  

As shown here, the diorama display features almost 4 acres of your best civil engineering skills and accomplishments.

Concept Diorama Schematic - Conference Room Table
The possibilities are endless!

Other than the physical transportation of the finished diorama, there are few limits on the possibilities.  Keep an open mind and lets have a conversation today to discuss your ideas.

Social Media Content

In addition to the diorama, I can also offer you social media content that would demonstrate my work to create your diorama.  This is a great way to showcase the capabilities of your company as I miniature-size it.  Maybe it’s a drill rig for geotechnical exploration or perhaps a survey crew. 

Since I build the platform much like a contractor would in the field, it makes it possible to show the construction process of your projects in a new way to your followers too!

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