Todd Burrier: How His 3 Circles Changed My Life

In the fall of 2018, I began Leadership Carroll, a professional learning course provided by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. The first two days of the course are at a retreat focused on team building and personal development as a leader. The second day of the workshop-style sessions literally changed my life forever: Because was introduced to Mr. Todd Burrier.

Todd’s session brought my professional career into the crosshairs and he challenged my way of thinking. As a result, I made a point to make changes in both my professional life and family life. His 3-Circles concept and subsequent coaching have been some of the best experiences of my professional career. If you have the opportunity to work with Todd, do not pass it up! I know you will not be disappointed.

At Ignite Carroll 8, I spoke about his influence and how his Circles changed my life. Above all, click play on the video below and enjoy!

I fully endorse and encourage you to purchase 3 Circles Living (Amazon Link), by Todd Burrier. You can learn more about his story and this book on Todd’s website as well. (These are not affiliate links.)

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